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Meet us

Dan Cake Polonia is one of the leading producers in the bakery and confectionery industry in Poland and a leader in the packaged bakery and confectionery products sector in the country. Since 2004, the Company has been part of an international group with production facilities in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Bangladesh.

Quantifiable success

Dan Cake Polonia is a modern and dynamically developing organisation. The Company’s production facility is located in Chrzanów and currently has 7 production lines. The Company delivers products both under its Dan Cake brand and to the order of the largest retail chains in Poland as part of its private label offer.

Wide range of products

The basis for the success of the Dan Cake brand in Poland is a combination of the Group’s international experience as well as Polish baking and confectionery traditions. The Group’s product offer is still developing. Currently, the range of products we offer in Poland includes about 70 articles, including breads, toast breads, milk rolls and cakes (Swiss rolls, sponge cakes, fruitcakes, muffins, croissants, cake bases, wafers, tartlets and many, many more).

Talent Bakery

Dan Cake Polonia currently employs about 400 people in 11 different departments, from accounting, through Research & Development, to production. There is room for everyone, because we also offer internships for students. Would you like to work with us? Get to know us better, check out our current job offers and apply!


Dan Cake is a family business that still appreciates and cultivates family values.


The first Dan Cake bakery was founded by Jens Eskildsen in the small Danish town of Simmelkjaer, north of Give. It was born out of Jens Eskildsen’s dream of creating a company that would bake delicious cake bringing to mind the taste of childhood.


Dan Cake was successful in the Danish market. Due to the dynamic development of the company, it transferred its seat to the larger city of Give and launched modern and efficient production lines.

This was the start of the company’s industrial-scale operations, preserving traditional and loved by the Danes recipes and natural ingredients.


Dan Cake is currently the leading producer of sponge cakes and Swiss rolls in Scandinavia. The Group’s production facilities are located in Denmark, Germany, Bangladesh and Poland, where it has been operating since 2004.

Mission and Values

Dan Cake’s mission is to build a modern, socially responsible company, approaching each employee and the local community with respect.

We approach every activity with passion and want to provide our customers and consumers with the highest quality products and services.


We are socially responsible – the good of the local community is very important to us, which is why we support the development of its residents and locally organised social campaigns.

(Un)repetitive taste

We focus on providing our consumers with the best, repeatable taste values with every purchase of our product.

High quality

We care about the highest quality of our products and activities, using the Clean Label idea – we place emphasis on using the best natural raw materials, whenever possible.


We provide a high level of food safety in accordance with the restrictive EU IFS rules.


Our employees are our highest value – we give them decent working conditions and equal opportunities for development. We treat them as the greatest ambassadors of our brand.

New technologies

We constantly focus on innovation, while caring for the natural environment. Thanks to environmentally friendly technologies, we use natural resources and energy sources sparingly, we optimise the raw materials needed for production and we recover or utilise waste.

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Giver Yourself Time!

We give our consumers additional time for what is important in life.

Quality Policy

High product quality and production safety are very important for Dan Cake. The proof of Dan Cake’s uncompromising approach to the highest quality of its products and services is the use of a management system based on the requirements of one of the most stringent hygiene and quality standards – IFS.

Download the quality of food safety policy.

High safety standards

In addition, the Company has implemented the standards of HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Hygiene Practice and the requirements of ISO 9001. Thanks to this, Dan Cake very carefully monitors safety at every stage of production and manages all internal processes.

Clean Label - natural ingredients

In the production of its products, the Company uses natural ingredients, also from certified crops, and home-made recipes that draw on the best baking traditions transferred to industrial production, in accordance with the assumptions of the Clean Label idea, i.e. pure labels

How our products are made

Our products are made with passion and experience. Each of the introduced products has been carefully developed by us, with attention to every detail – so that it guarantees not only the highest quality, but also the same taste experience at every opening. We owe this approach to the recognition of consumers, and thus our strong market position in Poland.

Our production lines are among the most modern in Europe, but at the same time we use proven recipes, both in Poland and on international markets.

Development of the recipe
Finished product, satisfied consumer
Awards and distinctions

Dan Cake has been on top for years! We are Poland's favorite brand.


Sustainability is our conscious choice to invest in our future. Dan Cake Polonia’s policy is based on sustainable development, promoting the honesty and transparency of the rules, while taking care of the Company’s staff, the environment and development in every area.

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